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I was introduced to hair extensions in the late 80s.  Initially, I was skeptical about trying them.  No one I knew wore extensions back then.  However, as a woman who "just love beautiful hair,” I decided to try them out and have been a fan ever since.  I love the flexibility and diversity that hair extensions provide. Back in the 80s wearing hair extension for the most part, was a secret.   People rarely admitted to wearing them.  Fast forward several decades later, they have become an important piece in the overall visual presentation.  People now proudly talk about adding glamour to their locks with extensions.  In addition, the internet has made purchasing them very convenient.  Personally, I prefer to order my hair extensions and wigs online.  There’s nothing like being able to shop from the comfort of your own home.  However, like many of you, I have experienced the feeling of excitement and anticipation while waiting for my order to arrive only to be disappointed because it didn’t meet expectations.  Sometimes the hair had excessive shedding or tangling.  Other times, I questioned if the product in the picture was actually what was delivered! 

JLB HairZone was created in an effort to take some of the apprehensiveness out of ordering hair online.  All the products go through extensive quality control checks and we really make every attempt to present the products as they truly are.  No embellishing to make them appear to be something that they are not.   In addition, we will “always” explore opportunities to improve the quality of our products. JLB HairZone value and want customer feedback.   Our goal is to provide a great customer experience.  Tell us your honest opinion.  What can we do better?  If there is a product you are interested in and would like us to add it to our collection, let us know.   All feedback is reviewed and taken into consideration.  

I sincerely hope you enjoy our selection and look forward to a long business relationship with all of you.  Be sure to check www.JLBHairZone.com often as the team will regularly add new products and remove poor performing products.


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JLB HairZone Luxury Hair Boutique strives to be one of the most trusted hair boutiques by offering quality products at affordable prices.  We are committed to providing a shopping experience that is no less than what we expect for ourselves. 

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